Sqldataadapter rowupdating

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Protected Function Get Data() As Sql Data Reader Dim str Student ID As String = Request. Text = str Section Dim str Table Name As String = LBSubject Code. Text 'Msg Box(str Table Name) Dim conn String As String = Configuration Manager. Connection String Using my Conn As New Sql Connection(conn String) my Conn.

Message) End Try End Using End Function Then call this function from Row Editing/Deleting and also from Page Load with condition if(! The ones in comment means SHOULD i put it there or shouldnt i?

Then I display my Grid View with Taken Date and Status where Student ID = LBStudent ID. Query String("subjectcode") Dim str Section As String = Request.

Text Update Record(Taken Date, Status) GV_Student Record. Data Bind() End Sub End Class Please note that the tablename comes from LBSubject Code LBSection that is brought over from the previous page. Add(New Sql Parameter("@Subject Code", LBSubject Code. Query String("student ID") Dim str Subject Code As String = Request.

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But if tried some of the suggestion and codes given.

Grid View Cancel Edit Event Args) Handles GV_Student Record. Edit Index = -1 End Sub Now I know i hav to use Row Editing event, Row Updating Event, Row Canceling Edit event to make everything work. I hoping someone could point me in the right direction on how to use these 3 events, what syntax/coding should i use to handle these 3 events.

Description Partial Class Lecturer_Lecturer View Student Attendance Record Inherits System.

Data Bind() End Sub Protected Sub GV_Student Record_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Row Updating Dim conn String As String = Configuration Manager. Connection String Dim e Date, e Status As String Dim str Table Name As String = LBSubject Code.

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