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(The quantity will be small because there is much more potassium than rubidium in the Universe.) This means that if we wanted to date a rock, and if there was no Sr present initially.

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TV National Blackout Schedule Contact Us Forgot Password?However, this is worth it: it would, as I say, require a fluke for this to happen, so if we reject dates based on the mixing plot, then we will be throwing out a hundred bad dates for every good one.Rb decays to stable strontium-87 by emission of a negative beta particle, i.e. During fractional crystallization, Sr tends to become concentrated in plagioclase, leaving Rb in the liquid phase.Even though rubidium-85 is more abundant, rubidium-87 has a positive scattering length, which means it is mutually repulsive, at low temperatures.This prevents a collapse of all but the smallest condensates.

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