Taylor swift needs to be in the olympics for dating

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However, back in 2012, Swift decided to have dinner with an athlete.

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Based on her list of previous boyfriends, which include names like John Mayer and Harry Styles, it’s fair to say that Swift seems to prefer dating fellow musicians. (Nothing really, but follow me here.) When sexism rears its ugly head so much, as it is doing right now in the current coverage of the female athletes at the Olympics, it can serve as a great reminder that we have so much more work to do. Disappearing women is a problem — I mean, literally they didn't even say her name. Katie Ledecky, a swimmer on Team USA, not only took home four gold medals and a silver medal this week, but also broke While I'm sure whoever said that thought it was a compliment to compare her to the most decorated Olympic swimmer, it actually falls short of allowing Katie to be her own person. ) has reached a fever pitch on social media and stolen headlines in traditional media outlets. Corey Cogdell-Unrein, a competitive shooter for Team USA, took home her second Olympic medal (the first she won in Beijing) and two articles came out that same day describing her as the " One of these articles didn't even mention Corey by name, only her husband's. Despite her successes, attention on her hair (seriously, her hair!Vanessa's moved on to boyfriend, Austin Butler, and Zac's doing his own thing, but at least, we can rewatch , where Zac plays infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, the two actually dated on and off between 20.Though the relationship was never officially confirmed, they were often seen together, holding hands at Disneyland, and even spending Valentine's Day together in 2012.

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