Teen dating cheating statistics

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Little did he know, I knew why he really left me at the dance that night.

In the past five to seven years, however, the cheating gender gap has closed, Mark said, with women cheating at similar rates as men. Vocal is a platform that provides storytelling tools and engaged communities for writers, musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, and other creators to get discovered and fund their creativity. Creators share their stories on Vocal’s communities. I dreamed of having a relationship like the movies, and I tried too hard to jump into relationships.In return, creators earn money when they are tipped and when their stories are read. This is exactly what got me into picking the wrong people who looked like a good idea at the time. I met a boy my freshmen year of high school in my algebra class. I was always the girl who watched cliché romantic comedies and other teenage love dramas. Show less I wonder why people do the things they do sometimes, and what motivates them to do it. I have had my fair share of teenage heartbreak and realized it was never a real relationship nor was it as serious to the other person as it was to me.

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