The essential dating and dumping guide

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No matter which type of person you are, I’m going to unveil for you the ultimate way to get it all out – to do a “brain dump” if you will – so that you can keep moving forward instead of always looking back to see what might have slipped through the cracks.

Even if you are someone who lives in the digital world, you need to write stuff down using simple analog tools.

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It is important that you go in that order, because that way your brain isn’t moving all over the place.It can be tempting to procrastinate tasks because of a fear of failing.Of course, you cannot fail at something when you don’t do it at all.It is focusing on one type of thing at a time and writing down the things that fall under that type until there are no more left to capture. Start with the Must list and move on until your have finished the Perhaps list.You can move stuff from one list to another during this exercise as well, but ultimately you want to wind up with the least amount of things on your Must list so that you can get to the Want list stuff that much faster.

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