Tips dating persian man

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My girlfriend of 3 years is from Iran a majority Muslim country and me a white British male.My girlfriend doesn't like Islam despite being from a Muslim family, her family don't mind too much her dating me but in Iran it's frowned upon for a Iranian to date a forgiener.The fist category are ‘religions’ families who believed that their sons or daughters should not have any relationships before marriage.Sometimes this category also is refereed to as ‘traditional’ family.

To answer this question I should explain a custom which we called ‘Khastegari’.The people of Iran are great, they are just bound by a government that was put in place 30 years ago through no fault of their own."but in Iran it's frowned upon for a Iranian to date a foreigner" I don't think this is true.Our relationship is getting more serious, she is in love me and in fact she was the one that asked me out.Loves the UK and very welcome here but obviously she has friends and family back home and I'm thinking it's preventing her from seeing them and I should leave it.

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