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Keep in mind that even if you do end up ripping out the tile, you can reuse the fixtures in the next phase of your bathroom renovation.. Usually there’s space for only one or two pieces in a smaller bathroom, so focus on pulling in the tile color as a minor color.

This means the rest of the art can be something you love and can feature more of your favorite colors, but with just that touch of teal, pink, peach or whatever’s in your vintage bathroom, the art will still connect with the space.

Even the containers you choose can add personality, a bit of helpful distraction and a level of cohesion to your bathroom.

Sometimes the details can make a difference in the livability of a vintage bathroom. More: 12 Design Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Better I couldn't agree more with adding curtains, artwork and nice towels to an outdated bathroom if you cannot change the fixtures!

The style of these two items can transform your bathroom and don’t involve changing the tile at all.

If you’re dealing with a colored tub, consider having it resurfaced.

You’ll need a very good primer — typically oil based, not water based, according to Dana Waldecker, a professional painter in the Boston area.

If it’s a kids’ bathroom, as in this example, it’s the perfect spot for a nightlight.

Just try to make the shade blend in with the wall, so the outlet looks useful instead of being an eyesore.7. The wallpaper in this example goes a long way toward neutralizing the tile color, because it is dramatically dark instead of a lighter gray, which would have brought attention back to the tiles.

You can paint the walls and white and let the tile color — whatever it may be — speak for itself.

With a cleaner background, your colored tile could be a new favorite.

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