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The Smarty SSR gives you the ability to control low and high level timing, high and low level rail pressure, high and low level duration and torque management to suit what works best for you.

The SSR has the same other features that the POD model has like built in USB, speed limiter from 25-250mph, reads and clears DTC codes, ABS adjust ability and the ECM updates only take up to 5mins for the full upload time.

That feature right there always makes this programmer the newest, freshest one on the market, it can never be old or have newer versions you can’t download.

Software upload times were a concern also, so Mads put the time into this and came up with a incredibly fast upload time of 5 1/2 mins for ECU updates.

This will help you gain fuel economy while running a larger tune for around town, giving you the best of both worlds.

This is the only programmer also that does NOT leave a electronic footprint in the vehicles ECU’s.

The new 6.7L Cummins engine boasts higher factory power than the previous 5.9L engine, but what about if you wanted more pulling power, or what about fuel mileage increases, how about massive amounts of power for the drag strip.This programmer is everything you need rolled into one unit that’s easy and reliably to use.The Smarty has 10 different setting levels to choose from, installs without any tools using your factory OBD II port, can read and clear DTC codes, has a super fast upload compared to other units on the market and is not traceable in the ECU.Mads Smarty Tuner Dodge Cummins 6.7L 2007.5-2009 (MPN #SMAS-67US) The answer to this question is, it works just as good.It still produces gobs of power for those tire shredding burnouts, quick blasts to the store, and can even gain you some mpg on the smaller tunes.

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