Vieochat ag

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An attitude that found favor with James Bray, sevehtem, Loch Monar at Victoria.pos M taxation measure will have on retail prices for food- ituffs and essential commodities.Willows Grouitds — (^n Monday momiog the Federal Government Will take ever the goat, poultry, main, rabbit, womeivvs, "manufacturers', restaurant and horse show buildings at Willows I»ark, according to Mayor Andrew Mo Oavln.language, with its ecoentrlcitles« I paradoxes and pcrversiites !' "Caddy" Ls tlie rngli.^h corrup- tion of the Malay kati meaning ^pe'•rn^ally -^oat, and 'One - third i Jbundsi It became part and parcel of the English lexicon after fhe influx of Bril Lshcrs Into Asia, where the na- tive tea container, like our quart milk bottles or pound col Tee tins, held Ju M.

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