White book updating service

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It makes provision for specific disclosure and inspection procedures for competition law claims further to the Damages Directive (Directive 2014/104/EU).

Part 6 (Service) - a new section of standalone commentary on the heads of jurisdiction (‘HJ’) as set out in para 3.1 of Practice Direction 6B (Service out of the Jurisdiction) has been added.

However, I'm using a "Visual Studio Build" task which is using MSDeploy and these MSBuild arguments.

Later on in the process I'm taking this package/artifact - now named "drop.zip" and I'm publishing it to Azure App Service.

This publication is no longer publicly available and is only provided on this site for access by authorised personnel and legitimate defence agencies.

Previous users are now referred to the ‘London diplomatic list’ on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website at: Foreign embassies in the UK.

I should probably have a Windows Build and Linux Build (two separate build agents) but the site isn't complex enough and it doesn't do anything that isn't clearly cross-platform friendly.

I decided to take my existing Azure Dev Ops release pipeline and just add a second task to publish to Linux for testing. No need to rebuild the whole pipeline from scratch.

Unfortunately the Linux Azure App Service has its deployment managed as a straight ZIP deployment; it was ending up with a TON of nested folders from MSDeploy!

Anthony Chu suggested that I just remove the folders by restructuring the zip file (unzipping/zipping it).

Could be a simple way to get both Windows and Linux publishing from a single artifact.

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