Who is jeana dating

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This is not the first time the dating couple have publicly taken a “break”.In 2014, they had another relationship crisis and took a break from You Tube. “I am going to move to New York City,” he announced.Starting his You Tube career as misanthropic, he focused more on pranks which made him successful to have more than 10 million subscribers. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he is the son of Stella Wellens and Steve Wellens. For more information, contact him on twitter and Instagram. On their vlogging channel, BFvs GF, the couple revealed that they were breaking up temporarily.Marbles and documenting her work in the night life industry.She continued to post sporadically until her viral hit, "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking".However, in early December 2012, Jenna and Max broke up, with Jenna revealing this on December 20.

Jenna's fans were initially very cold and dismissive towards Julien, especially when he started appearing in her videos, but after showing his Aries Energy, people started to warm up to him quickly.

Jenna's channel currently has over 19 million subscribers and one of the most loyal fan bases around.

Born on September 25, 1982, Jesse Wellens is a You Tube Star who is famous for being the creator of the popular You Tube channel Prankvs Prank, which features videos of him making prank on others.

I'm more confused now than I've ever been, but your love and support has changed my entire life.

And seeing all your comments, I realized all I ever want to do is make people happy." -Jenna in Draw My Life In the beginning, Jenna made random videos with her dog Mr.

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