Xmlvalidatingreader is obsolete vb net

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What does ' You should pass Xml Resolver to Transform() method' mean??? But the XSLTransform line is underlined by the blue squiggle and vs tells me c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Sites\Rider Design\articles\vb(37): ' Public Sub Transform(input As System. Scheme=="xml") return new File Stream(@"d:\test\foo.xml", Fi...

The employee's preference should be given first consideration, however the supervisor can select a different, but equally effective accommodation that is less expensive or easier to provide.

If needed, the LAM office may ask the employee to provide a medical statement or sign a medical release to gain additional information.

Note: the employee may be eligible for Family Medical Leave.

I am creating a XML document which opens fine in IE. But when I try to load this document in using the following code Dim doc As New Xml Document doc.

Load("C:\Projects\SQLXML\corc.xml") I get the following error: "System. Xml Exception: An unexpected end of file parsing CDATA has occurred.

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