Xmlvalidatingreader vs xmlreadersettings

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I'm fixing warnings in my program and apparently xmlvalidating reader and xmlschemacollection is obsolete. Here's an attempt at "mimicking" the previous validation function with the new one involving xmlschemaset and xmlreader.create.

I first declare a schema, and set it using the targeturi string, then add it to the schemaset while setting up the validation event handler. Length - 3) "xsd"; Xml Schema xsd = new Xml Schema(); xsd. Length - 3) "xsd"; Xml Schema xsd = new Xml Schema(); xsd.

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The Tree Model implementation to be used for the constructed document. The main reason for using the Linked Tree alternative is if updating is required (the Tiny Tree is not updateable). The resulting line numbers are accessible to applications using the extension function saxon:line-number() applied to a node.

The Xml Reader is responsible for parsing the document; this method builds a tree representation of the document (in an internal Saxon format) and returns its document node.

The Xml Reader is not required to perform validation but it must expand any entity references.

I can always go back to the old validation method, but those warnings scare me. settings.schemas.compile() was added, and the insignificant reorganization of the "using(xmlreader reader..

xml Document = new Xml Document(); xml Text Reader = new Xml Text Reader(file Info. Settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); xml Text Reader. Max Characters From Entities = 0; var vr = new Xml Validating Reader(xml Text Reader); vr.

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