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Upbringing Regan is of Irish descent and was raised in Westchester, Florida along with his seven brothers and sisters.

Both his parents had a great sense of humor and his dad loved to have long bouts of laughter with his family. He initially studied accounting at Heidelberg College in Ohio but he was encouraged to study theater and communications by his football coach. Regan was always a fan of comedians such as Steve Martin and Johnny Carson.

Regan left college during his last semester in 1980 to pursue a comedy career.

He would eventually finish his degree years later in 1997.

This week was suppose to sound better but something went wrong at the start of the show, a fixed version has been uploaded to @youtube- should be available in the next hour or so. #thecomedystore #killtony Ftogo NR It’s another @KILLTONY with @kyledunnigan and former regular @princessshenk 8pm tomorrow @The Comedy Store plus of course @redban @jeremiahstandup @mostlysorry and the whole damn gang.

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And she goes, “Fuck me hard with that n-word dick.” And I stop… And we had a rabbi come into the home, had him walk her through the history of the Jewish people, and then he made her watch “Schindler’s List." And after that, my mom did a complete 180.

It’s @Comedienne Ms Pat for the first time on @KILLTONY monday 8pm @The Comedy Store Main Room.After going public with Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal on Instagram last weekend, Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Dr. But after continuing to deny Kelly’s claims that he cheated on her while they were dating, the plastic surgeon seems somewhat relieved that she has moved on to someone new. “She’s trying to spin this and I completely deny having cheating. She also admitted that Rick treats her with more respect than Brian ever did.During a visit to Craig’s in Los Angeles over the weekend, paparazzi bombarded Dr. Because I don’t want to be with her anyone she thinks there has to be another woman. But rumors have begun to circulate about Kelly’s alleged drug use and sexcapades in what the ladies referred to as the “train” in recent episodes. I mean, does everything have to be so black-and-white in this kindergarten country of ours? You’re going to have to let her drown that third one." My mom, for most of her life, was a Holocaust denier. "There’s no excuse for domestic violence." It sounds like a challenge.

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